Work With Me

Do you know any healthy sixes?

“I hate being a six.”

“Being a six is so hard.”

“No one really understands what it’s like being a six.”

“Everyone else thinks we’re so weak and scared all the time.”

These comments appear over and over in Facebook groups and comment threads where sixes congregate. These threads show the pain of living life at average to low six levels.


I get it. It’s rough down there. I lived as an unhealthy six for decades, vacillating between unhealthy versions of counterphobic and phobic behavior. This was in spite of trying everything I could find to make myself feel better.

It got worse when I had kids, so I turned up the volume on trying to find all the right answers. I read more books, joined Facebook groups, went to workshops, tried to help my husband and kids understand how they could live in a way that they wouldn’t get hurt…ever. If something ever did happen, of course I blamed myself. I was responsible for everyone.

I tried to mitigate my busy mind with alcohol, food, understanding, more information…always more information. If I could just understand all the things, and control all the variables so nothing bad would happen, I wouldn’t have to worry so much! I would feel better. Unfortunately, this never worked.

You know what finally worked? Life Coaching. I went to the source. My mind. I learned how to manage it.

The worst case scenario would be if you never learn to manage your sixy brain.

Here’s a hard truth. You’re never going to be able to find the safety and security you are looking for outside of you. I think deep down you already know this, but what you don’t yet know, is what the heck to do about it!

You can feel better. The only reason you are stuck at lower levels of health is that you haven’t been taught how to manage your mind in a predictable way. So you feel out of control and exhausted by yourself. Even though your life looks good from the outside, inside it’s messy and stressy.

I took everything I was taught in my training and re-tooled it specifically for sixes.

I will teach you tools and techniques you have never learned before or read in any book. I teach you and then coach you in a way that you will actually apply everything you are learning.

We sixes LOVE to learn. APPLYING what we learn…not as much.

This time, instead of simply more information, we are going for transformation.

I know. You have questions.

Get on a call with me. The call is free and very low key. My job on that call is to help you figure out if what I’ve created for sixes is right for you, not to try to get you to buy anything. I have lots of consultations that don’t end with sixes signing up with me, but they have a new six in their corner. Who gets it. Me. I’m that six.

However you feel about scheduling a call with a stranger is totally normal! No problem. I’ve got you. You just show up.

And here’s what we do.

I take you through a process; your before and after brain makeover. We look at where you are now and together we create what it would look like if you could create a future you wanted. I say we do this together because I find this level of dreaming is challenging for sixes. We are so focused on the present, we aren’t even sure what our future could look like.

On this call, I help you imagine a future that isn’t as full of anxiety, self doubt, indecision or
reactivity. Oh my gosh, we’re so reactive! In this future, you can create space in your mind and slow down enough to really think and act how you want. You get to choose regardless of what is going on around you.

Seriously. Don’t overthink this. Just schedule the call and show up. I’ll take care of the rest.