Take Your Brain Out of the Box

Our brains are programmed from an early age without our permission. It’s as if our genetics and early environment took our brain, got it all set up and it back in the box. Most of us never go back and take a look at that programming to see if we would choose it. We just live it out.

And some of us get to a point we realize we don’t like how things are going, so we find someone or something to help us understand the programming better. We begin to uncover lots of stories and reasons for how we got programmed the way we are.

Our new awareness can be helpful. We feel the balm of understanding. We know why our life isn’t working out how we wanted. We often can attribute it to certain people or circumstances out of our control. This can be the next place we get stuck. We live our lives knowing why we aren’t able to live the lives we want.

But some of us can’t stop there. We know there is more. We know there is better and we suspect it’s up to us. No matter what has happened to us, or who we live with, or what job we have, we know we are still in charge of our lives.

We know. But how do we do it?

Take your brain out of the box! The fix for what ails us is an inside job. We get to take it out, give it a good look and do the work to rewrite that software.

Yes, you were programmed without your permission. Yes, things have happened to you that you wouldn’t have chosen. Yes, you live around humans who do all kinds of human things. And yet, you absolutely can reprogram your brain in a way that you choose.

You can live the life you want. And nothing around you has to change. The most powerful computer on the planet is in your head ready for you to tell it what to do.