Self awareness: Panacea or Pointless

So far on this page I have posted two posts. One was an amazing article about the true value of self awareness and the other is a post about how self awareness can actually be a trap to spinning in our brains and not actually doing the work required to help us feel or live any better. Those two posts might seem contradictory. Am I even paying attention?! Do I even know what I am talking about?! Well, in this case, yes. Here is a quote from the 1st article:

According to Dr. Eurich’s research —95% of people think they are self aware, but only 10–15% of people actually are.

YIKES! Now, of course, none of US fall in to the 80-85% of people who are WRONG about their level of self awareness (and by the way, who is the 5% who just admits they have no clue??), but let’s just go with it for a minute.

Most people think they have it. Few do. How might you figure out what camp you are in?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Do I have a clear picture of my strengths and weaknesses?
  2. Do I make my weaknesses mean that I will never have the life I want?
  3. Do I have the same problems time and again?
  4. Am I the parent/spouse/friend I want to be? (Most of the time)
  5. Do I know what is my work in the world and what is someone else’s?
  6. Am I clear on my limiting beliefs? (We all have them)
  7. Do I do what I say I’m going to for myself?
  8. Am I really good at seeing how other people lack self awareness?
  9. How much longer is this post? (WHAT?! Rude! JK, I’ll wrap it up)

What do you think now that you’ve looked at these questions? I can tell you that before I found the tools I currently use in my life I was recycling the same problems over and over. Even though I consumed self awareness material like it was my job. The biggest clue our awareness isn’t complete as we might think is if we are really quite sure we know how everyone else should live their life. Ouch. I know.

Self awareness is a VITAL skill. It’s also harder than it seems. The key is the right kind of awareness, the kind that leads to real change in your life.

Thing is, it’s actually quite hard to see what is going on in your own brain. That’s what a coach is trained to do, help you find the thoughts that are creating the results in your life and helping you replace them. They help you see you and get actually self aware.

The first step you can do is called a thought download. It’s not any fancier than it sounds. Take time to write down all the thoughts in your head. Tomorrow I’ll tell you what to start to do with them!