The Enneagram is not enough

Don’t get me wrong. I love the enneagram. It’s an amazing tool for self awareness and helping us understand other viewpoints and ways of seeing the world, but let’s face it, once a six knows they are a six it ISN’T more self awareness we need. It’s an active path to the elusive “self trust” and “self reliance” we are promised as healthy sixes. But instead of seeking action we tend want more and more and more information, so we can finally really understand ourselves enough to feel better. But understanding isn’t what gets us there.

There is much to take from the Enneagram for a six they can use to transform, but all of that MUST be used to create a new way of thinking. As a thinking repressed number we must develop a new way of thinking to have a new experience. Otherwise all the new information just becomes part of our already self doubting stories. We don’t need more ammo for that. We need a way out!

Come back tomorrow and I will start sharing in detail the methods I personally use and now teach my clients to deal with self doubt and anxiety, to make decisions in our lives and STAND BY THEM and to live from our own inner authority.